Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comfort and Spontaneity

I like the idea of being a spontaneous person. Not in every way, but in the way that I would be prepared to go do something at any moment. Like a friend could call and ask if I wanted to get lunch with her, and heck yes I would! Well, that still happens, but with the friend waiting while I actually put on clothes and make myself presentable.

See, I value comfort. I value it very much. Above a lot of things, like looking nice. If I can get away with it, I will wear my pajamas all day. I am usually without makeup, which is sometimes okay, and sometimes really not. But don't worry, I usually put it on before leaving the house so I don't scare people. Unfortunately, makeup takes time (especially when you're a perfectionist like me). Putting on "real" clothes doesn't usually take much time, unless I realize I have nothing to wear because I forgot to do laundry.

I also spend a lot of time bra-less. Bras are really uncomfortable. Is it too much to ask for a comfortable bra? But I'm not exactly well-endowed, so at least I can go without and not worry about sagging. I always wear a bra in public, though. You're welcome.

So as much as I would like to be a spontaneous person in at least one regard, it will never be. I won't sacrifice my comfort on the off-chance that someone will show up at my door and/or want to do something immediately. Does that make me lazy? Or are my priorities just different?

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