Thursday, August 25, 2011

Comfort and Spontaneity

I like the idea of being a spontaneous person. Not in every way, but in the way that I would be prepared to go do something at any moment. Like a friend could call and ask if I wanted to get lunch with her, and heck yes I would! Well, that still happens, but with the friend waiting while I actually put on clothes and make myself presentable.

See, I value comfort. I value it very much. Above a lot of things, like looking nice. If I can get away with it, I will wear my pajamas all day. I am usually without makeup, which is sometimes okay, and sometimes really not. But don't worry, I usually put it on before leaving the house so I don't scare people. Unfortunately, makeup takes time (especially when you're a perfectionist like me). Putting on "real" clothes doesn't usually take much time, unless I realize I have nothing to wear because I forgot to do laundry.

I also spend a lot of time bra-less. Bras are really uncomfortable. Is it too much to ask for a comfortable bra? But I'm not exactly well-endowed, so at least I can go without and not worry about sagging. I always wear a bra in public, though. You're welcome.

So as much as I would like to be a spontaneous person in at least one regard, it will never be. I won't sacrifice my comfort on the off-chance that someone will show up at my door and/or want to do something immediately. Does that make me lazy? Or are my priorities just different?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Of Food

I used to be one of those annoying people who wasn't really into food. I felt that my time would be better spent if I could get all my nutrition from a pill. Then last summer I experienced a money drought for a month, in which I could afford very little food. When it was over, I went food-crazy. But once again I find myself unable to enjoy food, and this time for very different reasons.

My body has deemed certain foods to be the enemy. Through my own experimentation, I have decided that dairy, eggs, and sugar are what my body fights. But now I'm starting to wonder if I have a problem with wheat as well, and/or certain oils.

I have finally managed to rid myself of dairy and eggs (eggs were easy, I did that months ago). I had also managed to rid myself of sugar, until a few days ago, when I purchased some chocolate almond milk with cane juice in it. I wanted to see if a more natural form of sugar would have the same ill effects for me. And I can say now that yes, it does. Thankfully some brands make unsweetened chocolate almond milk, which I will have to try. If you don't have a problem with sugar, Silk Dark Chocolate Pure Almond Milk is very good.

The past few weeks I've mainly been eating homemade black bean burgers on homemade bread, along with some fruits and vegetables. I find it a little annoying having to make bread every 2-3 days, but I guess I should be grateful that I live alone, or I'm sure I'd be making it much more frequently. Bread-making is a relatively new concept for me. We never had homemade bread when I was growing up (at least that I remember; it's possible my mother made it when I was very young).

I find myself growing tired of black bean burgers, which is to be expected. It's a sad thing to start out as a picky eater and then lose a large amount of the foods you actually eat. I'd never make it as a raw vegan.* As it is, I find myself breaking down every once in a while. But I'm naturally a pretty happy person, so the despondency doesn't last for long. And I suppose now I have a good excuse to avoid potlucks and the like.

*I mention veganism because I eat very little meat, so now it's like I'm an almost-vegan.